Blogger Layout Design

Today I've been preoccupied with personalising KNIT BEGINNINGS layout. I've found some helpful sites like where they have a not to complicated Cheats guide to customising blogger. Keep on the lookout for a face lift soon.

See you tomorrow


I've joined the millions of people who enjoy knitting. I think I may even be addicted! I'm still in the learning the ropes stage. I do a lot of unravelling!

I'm interested in:

* Finding patterns that are contemporary, not fussy, have timeless class and match my current skill level.

* Recycled yarn and knitting with materials apart from the usual. Materials such as strips of fabric or toweling.

* Finding and compiling a list of free patterns and sites to hopefully cut down the time spent scouring the net. I like to share.

* Communicate with other knitters from around the globe. To share ideas, patterns, successes and failures, etc.

See you tomorrow